Sewing Project Inspiration


I have noticed my camera roll filling up with a significant amount of inspiration images from all edges of the internet and I thought it would be worth sharing them all in one place along with how I might achieve them!

Photo 29-12-2015 1 15 01 pm

I think this particular one would be a perfect Hey June Aurora view A with a lace band and a lace over stripe pocket!  Super cute and so simple.

These two are looking like an easy hack to the Hey June Lane Raglan – just section the sleeve into two parts and add on the cuff like normal!  The lace appears to be sectioned into two with a lace and grey just sewn together to make it assemble as one layer.

Photo 29-12-2015 1 27 58 pm

I have a feeling that the True Bias Hudsons (which I don’t yet own somehow) would be a super easy hack, just add seam allowance to both the section you’re adding and what you’re attaching it to!  How adorably effective!

Photo 29-12-2015 1 24 39 pm

I believe this one would require more hacking as I don’t know of a pattern with a triangle hem but it would be an easy hack if you know where you wanted the hemming to start and end.  Then there is a piece of flannel on one side of the hem and I’m guessing the back too.  The yoke would be an easy hack also especially if you have a drapey top pattern to base it off.

Photo 27-12-2015 8 45 15 pm

I have heard that this is achievable from a Laundry Day Tee which is a free pattern (if you join the facebook group)!  I believe attaching a lace section to the hem of the shirt would work well instead of having a second net mesh layer.  Also a Patterns 4 Pirates Freespirit tank with long sleeves would get this nice hemline as well.

Photo 29-12-2015 12 23 16 pm

This one truly has such a Hey June Halifax Hoodie shape to it with what could be a thifted flannel shirt.  If you did thrift it, yay! Wouldn’t have to make those button holes!

Photo 29-12-2015 12 27 46 pm

This is honestly a relatively simple one.  Adding elbow patches to a Swoon Scarf Neck Cardigan, another free pattern!  I’m not a super huge fan of sequins due to many childhood years spent dancing, but I could imagine a nice lacey elbow patch!

Photo 29-12-2015 12 32 24 pm

I just adore this one so much, I would definitely make a faux butter suede patch pocket like this, maybe with a little bit better lining up!  I’ll have a think about what pattern this could be, or you could suggest one and we both help each other!

Do you think you will be attempting any of these?


Ultimate 2016 Reading List

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Reading used to be a huge part of my life, and this year, with the amount of books that I have bought in the last month, I feel it will make a large comeback.  Ultimately, the reason for my lack of reading for such an extended period of time came to be my lack of energy.  By the end of my barrista-ing shifts, I was tired, I had coffee from one end of my body to the other.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – I have heard so many rave reviews about what this book inspires that it would have been a crime not to include this one!  I might be late to the table, but the table will apparently be cleared after reading this book.  I truly would love to adopt a minimalist lifestyle in at least some respects due to my love of being self-sufficient.
Cloth Construction – I bought this book primarily to build my sewing related book collection, and from a primary flip through the pages as I tore open the USPS envelope, it looks amazing!  How to tackle all the techniques that scare the life out of you will be a very welcome addition to any collection.
The Dressmaker – Based in a rural Australian town, so the small town aspect of the novel really hits home.  From the looks of it though, it will be an inspiring read full of “luscious clothes”!
The Slight Edge – Although I’m really not a believer in self help books, I do believe that altering how I think to a way in which I can see things from a different perspective would be essential in day to day life.
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? – Mindy Kaling has grown quite a following and her journalism skills are quite enviable.  Her novel sounds like it will be a perplexing read which I will enjoy receiving from the postie soon!
The Girl on the Train – This book was meant to be, I purchased it before Christmas, and I was also gifted it for Christmas.  It is a psychological thriller which is set to be a major movie this year.
You can see a comprehensive wishlist that I have compiled here, and purchased most of already!  I might need a book case!

New Years Sewing Resolutions


new-years-eve-decor-640x430.jpg2016 has brought a new light in my life, I’m attempting to be nicer, read more, take more photos, greet people with a sunnier outlook and carrying over from 2015 – climb a damn mountain!  2016 also means my second year of sewing is finally rounding the corner at my 20th birthday in February.  M and I are really excited to finally travel overseas, and to tackle some more firsts.

Skills I would like to master:

Button holes – o’ lord, how I’ve avoided these things like the bloody plague!
Plaquets – I do really like the look, but the precision involved has me cowering.
Twin needles – might be the easiest on this list, or I could be jinxing myself by saying that.
Hemming knits – Oh what’s that dragging on the floor?  Just everything I made out of a knitted fabric.



Patterns For Pirates Summer Kimono
Pattern Emporium Overlocker/Serger/Thermomix Cover
Hey June Lane Raglan
Patterns For Pirates Boundless Dress
A tonne of Seamwork Mag Patterns


Terra’s Treasures Lisse Cowl Hoodie – finished!
Hey June Halifax Hoodie
Hey June Union St Tee
Hey June Aurora Dolman
Love Notions Boyfriend Cardigan
Patterns For Pirates Carefree Cardigan
Mouse House Creations Julia Cardigan
Pattern Emporium Harem Pants
Pattern Emporium Kaftan Dress
Greenstyle Brassie Joggers


Hey June Cheyenne Tunic
Christine Hayes Emery Dress
Colette Wren Dress
Mouse House Creations Caroline Dress

Ridiculously Adventurous:

Papercut Patterns Clover Dress
Grainline Morris Blazer (in a silk twill coating)

As I tackle these projects, I will edit the post to link where I have recorded the makes.  I wish everyone a super successful 2016 and a year full of happiness and personal goals being kicked!


Finished: Terra’s Treasures Lisse Cowl



Finally finished, and I say this with such an exhausted sigh because who knew my brand new overlocker would hate ribbing as much as it does.  At midnight when I was just beginning to lose the late night sew-jo, clunk.  There goes the thread.  Okay, thread her up, clunk.  Repeat about 5 times.  Turn machine off, go to bed.


The finished product is what I’m most excited about, having never sewed ponte before, never worn a cowl (I live in the tropics, it’s unheard of), and never had so much trouble with my machine, it’s been a world of first in this project!


The cowl is super cute, due to the lining having a different range of colours than the outside, it can quickly look different, breaking up the slightly crazy orchids a bit.  The eyelets make me squeal with school girl delight for being able to do up the cowl by yanking on the string like I would do the toogle on my wide brimmed hat right on the bottom of my chin.  The tulip hem has seriously got me doing a little cartwheels around the room, how awesome is it!


With all the trouble I had with ribbing and my machine, I opted for an organic cotton lycra on the cuffs.  I even reached the point where M had to thread it for me because I was too upset with not being able to get it to work.

Has anyone else had trouble with ribbing?  Would you be ready to make a Lisse?


Work In Progress: Lisse Cowl Hoodie


In April, we’re heading overseas for the first time as a couple – and for me, the first ever time!  We are headed on a cruise around the New Zealand coastline and so I am expecting to feel a little chilly.  I had picked up a pretty damn amazing floral ponte from The Remnant Warehouse, and have since pondered what the hell I could make with it’s gorgeousness.

Then it occurred to me, it has such a rust orange berry colour that would be great for the Autumn time that we’re travelling across the ditch that the patterns I picked up during a sale from Terra’s Treasures could finally get made!  The Lisse Hoodie and Cowl, the look of it scared me due to the never made a knit garment that has been 100% successful and I didn’t want to mess up my opportunity to use the ponte goodness.

So, as any self respecting person who has never used a particular pattern before and isn’t totally certain they can pull it off, I (for some unknown reason) opted NOT to make a muslin.  Mmh, ask the Christmas hot weather which affected my thinking.  Luckily, it’s going well so far!  I’ve been triple checking before stitching and the bold pattern means no repeats of me stitching armsyces inside out.


The super old paper cutting scissors

A little bit about the pattern:

Assembling the pattern was a total pain in the neck, whether the industrial printer that I used at work somehow fed the sheets all at different angles and put lines where lines weren’t meant to go is beyond me.  It was not a fun experience having to reprint after I’d begun sticking it together.

The instructions have been relatively easy to follow, I decided to line the cowl which was suggested for materials which are not stiff and there was no instructions as to which seam to sew along to make the lining and cowl outer go together but this was mainly “my-dumb”.

The pattern also calls for eyelets, which for the first 15 minutes of me working out I was using the wrong end of the tool almost had me call it a night at 9pm.  I’m very very happy with how they turned out!  I’m off to get some drawstring today to make it more functional.


Very proud of these eyelets.  Might have hammered a dent in my desktop.


I have a bratty overlocker (I got it in September so it’s teething I think) and the green thread broke as I was finishing the cuffs at 12:15am.  I called it a night.  I’ll check back in with finished photos when our 300mm of rain stops falling.



Does anyone else have trouble deciding what to call a pattern when it’s a hoodie or a cowl, because calling it the Lisse Cowl makes me think I’m only making the band around my neck.  Strange, anyway.  Another cup of coffee is calling.  I hope you’re not stuck at your work desk like me today!


No Surprises Here!

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Gifting to your significant other can be nerve wracking, especially when they’re the kind of person who tends to purchase the items they want or need before even considering that they could receive it as a gift!  My dearest M is this person, to a tee, so this Christmas like many before, we did something which most people consider completely unorthodox.
We asked each other for a certain item.
And I’m not meaning just “a fishing rod” or “sunglasses”.  We both spent a good deal of time considering qualities of the items that we most wanted.  His was, in fact, a fancy fishing rod which I ordered from a local shop and haggled until he promised to charge me the advertised price unlike the one that he had made up.  The perks of actually doing some research!  I personally had been pining for a pair of glasses since I decided I could not for the life in me ever afford them, until searching online and discovering that the stores that I had tried them on in where nearly $300 more expensive than the internet.
It didn’t strike me as something abnormal until talking to my mum and she seemed so shocked that we weren’t surprising each other and demanded I bought a $20 surprise gift, on top of the fishing rod.
This doesn’t mean either of us will be doing this every Christmas, but for a busy year where we’ve already purchased what we needed or wanted, it has worked out well.
How do you deal with difficult gifting?  Do you love surprises or are you happy with exchanging most wanted gifts?

Uncompleted Objects Challenge Round Up

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Today I bring you the small success of my self-challenge to finish some of the projects which have been haunting my sewing table for a while.  As much as I would like to say that I got everything done that I had planned, that would not be quite so accurate.

I had plans to make a replica of a maxi skirt I bought from Target and have absolutely worn to death, but I decided on a yoga waistband rather than a casing.  The result is seriously some secret pajamas.  I bought this fabric from Perelanda pre-orders who brought it back from Singapore.  It’s got some serious stretchy comfy goodness going on.  (Picture will be added later in a more descriptive post).

I finished another pair of Coachella shorts from Striped Swallow with the notable difference of loving these ones because I sewed through the elastic and now it doesn’t twist and turn in the casing.  They’re made of a super silky cotton poly blend and I love them.

What I did not finish:

1 x shirt where I had stitched the bias trim around the arms and neckline down really well, on the wrong side of the fabric.  That project will take a lot of alcohol to ever complete.

1 x skirt which had the worst fabric to work with.  My eyes twitch even thinking about this fabric and how horrible it was.  I did, however make some Lucy shorts (Made for Mermaids) from the same fabric (and they’ve fallen apart).  Boo.

Here’s a photo gallery of the challenge round up:

Have you finished any projects recently?  Feel free to link me/show me!


10 Things I Cannot Sew Without

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When I started sewing, it was a sorry story of borrowed pins and tape measures for the first few months.  Now that I sew quite readily, I feel comfortable in giving you a list of things I could definitely not be without again!

  1. First off, my sewing machine.  This is quite an obvious one but needs to be addressed!  I have a Brother NS15 which is a computerised model, and the mid range model of the NS range (as far as I know).  I love it and there’s way more stitches than I feel comfortable using but knowing that they’re there is a joy!
  2. Another obvious one, but my scissors are a joy to use!  I have the Kai 21cm Seamstress scissors which seriously are a match made in heaven with my hands.  They are so effortlessly sharp that every fabric I cut makes me worry that it is too weak, but it turns out that these scissors could just take down a tree.  They were a splurge, but one I saw fit.
  3. I have little thread snips from the same Kai range.  These are the needlework snips.  Honestly, from threading my machine to taking care of loose threads and even unpicking – these little guys are with me through it all!
  4. Bobbin Saver, more like life saver.  This purple rubbery ring of sewing goodness has managed to keep my little bobbins in line.  You seriously just pop your bobbin in there and never worry about it unraveling again.
  5. Magnetic seam gauge.  It tells me where to put the needle in and keep it in a beautiful straight line, which is ever helpful when you’re watching TV shows at the same time as sewing.
  6. High quality thread (and a place to store it!).  Guterman is a good buddy of mine, he’s held everything I’ve ever made together and I’m pretty damn chuffed about how colourful he can be.  The thread box is a cheap eBay score which I found to be quite handy, but not necessarily what I will use for a long time.
  7. (Craploads) of Sewing Machine Needles!  If you’re new to sewing then changing needles might not have occurred to you yet.  I didn’t realise until I was past the point of no return on a habotai – why anyone let me sew that so early on is beyond me!
  8. Fabric markers are a total must.  You don’t really need to ask why but I will tell you not to ever iron a water soluble one!
  9. Hem gauge, this also has a button thingo in it too but I’ve never used anything but sheer luck.  Great for being a perfectionist who isn’t into the high low who knows trend.
  10. Seamfix seam ripper, this is so not just any seam ripper, it has a little rubbery helmet to tell you to not take yourself so seriously.  I’m kidding, but it’s pretty good!

Hope this helped your sewing kit, and if you’ve already got all this (and more), how good is it to be able to spend all of your money on fabric alone?


Unfinished Object Challenge

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This is what dreams are made of, courtesy of Houzz.

Challenges have always been exciting for someone so competitive.  You name it and I’ll have a go, unless I actively know I can’t win.  I know, I’m that person.  Overtaking me in the fast lane – I think not.  So with a massive nod to how competitive I am, I have set myself a challenge for this weekend.  Ready for it?