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Non-Existent Sew-Jo: I know how long it’s been.

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Sometimes you just run out of enthusiasm and other times, you just are too hard on yourself.  I am currently a mix of both of these two as my sew-jo has reached an all time low since I began sewing over a year and a half ago.  I partly blame the huge amount of stress that I am under at work, and partly blame myself for neglecting my creative side.  To put it simply, neglecting my creativity has caused even more stress and a less than ideal person to be around.

download.jpgA lot of my unwillingness to sew came in the cutting stage.  I had fully assembled PDF patterns which would have been a quick sew, had I have been able to get my ass into gear.  However, it apparently wasn’t that simple.  I had a hardly started shift dress which I was supposed to finish for mothers day (May 8th).  Yep, that was all of two and a half months ago.  The darts were difficult to sew, because of the pattern, however not as hard as it was for me to overlook the paisley print falling in the hip region and creating a lovely ode to the ovaries.  Bloody hell, I put that lump of lovely rayon back in a heap and felt defeated, and continues to feel defeated until it was the night before my mum’s birthday and my sloth of a brother had no present for her.  Rather than go shopping in our little village at 7pm at night, because by this point, you’re options are K-Mart or the grocery stores, I decided to un-slump my feelings about this pattern placement and finish the dress.

Now I can’t tell you that I magically found a way to “unsee” something, but the gift of bleary-eyed midnight sewing with a chronic Winter head cold did let me overlook that detail.  Therefore I put more effort into the finishes, the facings and the fact that I went out of my way to find the softest damn interfacing for this dress because I didn’t want my lovely mum to have to endure wearing something that she might potentially find uncomfortable.  I let it hang overnight while I slept and in the morning I hemmed it and didn’t mind it.

Idownload (2).jpg didn’t match the seams, because the gift of foresight would have me maybe buy more but I didn’t have any particular pattern in mind when I bought this fabric.  Ideally, I would have the front look more like the back, because the print up the top definitely is kinder to the wearer, in the least ovary-reminiscent way.  Once again, yes, I can be very hard on myself.

I still haven’t given this to my mum though, her birthday was on Wednesday, and I’m a lazy child.  I promise I’ll give it to her today.  Maybe.
(Also, maybe I’ll take some proper photos at some point.  Maybe.)

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