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My Travel Plans & Packing Tricks and Tips

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Holy doooly guys, I’m leaving Wednesday for my first little overseas adventure.  How exciting.  I thought this would be a great time to quickly share with you where we are headed and also some super quick and easy packing tricks that I always use!

So first off, we are heading to New Zealand on a cruise due to the fact that it’s excruciatingly expensive for people under 21 to hire a car.  I can honestly say I’ve never been so excited and yet also so terrified that I haven’t covered all the bases of our bookings.

Now, onto a few packing tips.  I always use these whether I’m heading to a meeting which I’ll be staying overnight for, or whether we’re just doing a drive for a few hours and staying for a couple of nights.  Clearly, these are totally changeable and you can do what you wish to make these work for you.

I roll my jackets and jumpers into themselves.  It doesn’t do a lot for keeping them non creased, but then again, that it something you can make work by taking materials with you that are travel friendly.  It’s a massive space saver and helps when you can pack them around things like makeup bags and ipads.

I scourer the house for little bottles, like an absolute stingy person, I have bought a bottle of baby shampoo, tipped all the shampoo out and filled it with 200ml of my favourite body wash.  I use old 100ml Lush squeezy bottles for facewash and shampoo and conditioner.  Essentially this helps because I am not lugging 4kg worth of product which now is enough for how long I am going for and only weighs 500g.

Another big tip which I think goes without saying is always launder!  Try not to use one shirt which can only be worn with one pair of pants, although they might look amazing, maybe save it for a night out from your house.  Take a white cami, a black shirt, because you know you can wear them with your jeans or your skirt.  It makes packing lighter a lot easier.


Now, I have to go and zip closed my bags!

Let me know where you’ve been or where you’re planning to go!


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