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It has been a little slow in the sewing area around here with the inspiration running a little thin in places.  We went away for my birthday to a city that I nearly moved to two years ago and it was a little nostalgic.  I do wonder sometimes whether I should have gone to university, but I am in such a good place with my relationship with M that it doesn’t dwell in my mind for long.  We both had agreed we wouldn’t live in a city, but I do crave the pavement of a suburb, the dog parks and the short commute from work and the friends conveniently living around the corner and always ready for a coffee.

However, due to the lack of inspiration and the copious amounts of coffee consumed in the last few weeks, I have added to my pattern collection.  Although this seems to be slightly hypocritical due to the fact I haven’t sewn many of the million I already have.  I have been looking for staples, which I will be able to sew time and time again to create a more “me” capsule wardrobe.  I can find anything which suits my style as we dip into our Australian Autumn, however creating things that I can be proud to say that I made is totally different.  I get excited at the thought of finishing a project and don’t take all elements into consideration with fabric, so this is something I plan to work on greatly this month.
I caved at the sight of the new IndiSew Spring Collection, the Rushcutter, Florence Kimono and Lou Box Top scream again and again at me.
I adore a good boxy top and this one appears to be a quick sew with bias edge – aka my favourite!  I hope to dig through my stash this weekend and find something rayon-y and beautiful and have another shirt by Monday.  I might even make a production line out of these so I can be sporting more than one Lou Box Top per week.
The Rushcutter makes me so excited due to the fact that I still haven’t sewn a dress!  I love view B, simply because there is more shape to it and my measurements almost put me in perfect proportion for this dress, so I’m very happy.  I could see this in a lot of different fabrics but I think that gorgeous blue chambray I picked up in Townsville last weekend could be making an appearance here.
I have been having a thing for kimonos, because the Florence is not the only one I have picked up.  I do wish to make the Florence in a Black Geometric Japanese Lawn from Spotlight (also from the Townsville Trip) in a floor length version so I can be ultra secretive and float around my house on the weekend.  I would do a similar thing to finishing the edges as I did with my Summer Kimono, but I would make my own bias, or have a complimentary colour, and turn the edges under and top stitch.
Speaking of my kimono obsession, I spent some of my seamwork credits on their Almada kimono from last month.  It looks like a lot more of a cocoon shape which rationalised my purchase of it.  Also, more kimonos, all the time.  I have a lot of rayon fabric from my last fabric bender so this should be an under 2 hour project also.  Damn I love quick sews.
Also from Seamwork, I decided I needed skirts which weren’t the typical circle/gathered/obviously handmade, and so I got the Osaka.  At first, it seemed daunting, but I realised how awesome it would be as a scrap buster, and bought it without any more hesitation.  I have a load of Seamwork patterns which I really need to make other than these two though!
Papercut Patterns also got a purchase from me after they launched their new pattern collection, Ahoy!  They seriously have such a lovely nautical feel which is right in my style category.  I couldn’t help but decide to purchase their printed patterns as I must admit, printing and taping and assembling and cutting totally gets on my goat when I have to do a few in one day.  I bought the Moana top and dress, which looks so flittery and fun and a perfect combination with jeans, and also the Bowline sweater had such a darling silouhette that it magically jumped in my cart and is now crossing the airspace between Australia and New Zealand.
Phew!  That’s it!  Will you be picking up any of these patterns?  What patterns have you purchased recently?
* picture was taken my me at sunset over the East Coast Marina in Townsville last weekend, so pretty…

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  1. Great selection. I also picked up the Indiesew spring collection. I liked all the patterns this time – the ones you mention and I’m also excited about the Birkin flares! 🙂



    • So glad someone else is in the same boat! I didn’t grab the full collection as I sewed the Sanibel tester, so I can’t wait to see how yours turns out! 🙂



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