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Fuzzy Future Feelings – Looking Forward

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As an almost-20-but-still-19 year old, there are truly so many things I have to look forward to, and some of these things are truly the most silly sentimental reasons to me!  I have dreamt my whole life of what it will be like when I’m grown up, and now that I’m kind of here, the view is pretty nice.

I look forward to silly things that people wouldn’t otherwise really stew on for too long, and also things that everyone can agree on!

1. I can’t wait until we bring our first pet home.  M and I tried to sneak a Labrador puppy into my parents house which, as anyone would have been able to foresee, didn’t go well.  However, this was a few months after we started dating, and we haven’t tried again, as you would be able to expect.

2. Setting up our Christmas tree for our first Christmas together.  This is something that has always been a tradition in my family.  On the first of December, we would pull the Christmas tree out of storage and everyone in the house would collectively start sniffling and sneezing as we fluffed branches and hanging decorations.  M’s family has a 2 foot tall tree which has fibre optic lights and never any decorations so I’m enforcing the 1st of December tradition upon him.

3. Cooking dinners together.  I recently saw a post on Baby MacBeth about how “married” her and her husband are, and it made me laugh because of how accurate this outlook is for M and I.  We love cooking together, even if I always get designated the chopping onions (M has once been seen wearing ski goggles to cut onions – oh how I love him!).  We both love similar foods, however he has introduced me to the wonders of nearly pre-made taco boxes which are not a thing in my family, which is a perfect lazy Wednesday night dinner.

4. Watering our garden.  SO many new build houses don’t have established gardens, or the owners don’t plant them at all!  As the daughter of a horticulturist, this makes me sad.  In my head, I imagine myself with a nice cold drink in hand standing in the orangey afternoon sun watering my lawn and garden, and I love it!  I always found it such a chore to have to water the garden but now that I’ve noticed the decline in gardens, it’s so precious to me.

5. Going mattress shopping.  I admit this is one of the sillier ones, but the Darwin Deez song has done it for me!  I have a bit of an obsession with sitting on mattresses whenever we go to the city, especially since the larger Myers and David Jones stores tend to have a mattress section.  I’ve never seen a sales assistant move as quickly as when I sit on a $4000 mattress.  (Sorry!)

6. Planning holidays together.  In a way, we’ve almost achieved this one together, however I do have a severe need to travel Europe and I think a major part of it would be planned on the go.  That way, I would get running feedback from M about what he has enjoyed and what we would do again.  Amsterdam, we’re coming for you!

7. Planning for the future.  I could not imagine my future without M’s input, even if I wanted to move back to the South East Queensland Coast, I would never go without him.  A massive part of our relationship is spent on the same page as each other, and we truly enjoy being able to accomplish things as a couple.

8. Enjoying the morning sun on the weekend.  This moment in my head involves me snuggled around a cup of coffee and M drinking orange juice in the winter.  How can someone not like coffee!
Is there anything that you are sentimental about achieving in the future?  Let me know in the comments!
**this photo is thanks to a local jetty and someone i work with

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  1. Lovely post, full of hope and looking forward. I like to think I can keep improving as a human. You know, learn more, know more, be better. I look forward to one day nailing jacket fit!



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