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Me-Made Wardrobe – My Handmade Style


When I began sewing, I felt that it didn’t matter what material, colour or pattern I was sewing – I just wanted to make it!  As months went on and I noticed myself buying fabric on sale for the sake of buying it.  I had developed no real style or sense of what I was trying to achieve for my wardrobe.  In those discovery months, I did however buy some material which was luxurious and although I still haven’t sewn with it, I can’t wait to!

My style defines what people think of me and I veer more towards the classic side of things, as this is also how I would like to present myself.  I adore stripes and easy comfortable outfits.  Over the last three years my style has grown into a more wearable (and presentable) style than my 16 year old self would have imagined.  There’s no more pulling at the hems of tight dresses, or exposed midriffs (I eat more now, which makes a huge difference in this factor also).


I love jackets and cardigans a lot more than someone who lives in the hot tropics of Australia should, I have added an army green jacket from Cupcakes & Cashmere to my closet this year which was a total splurge at the time.  However I am currently obsessed with neutrals in my wardrobe, including blush pink, white, nudes and some classy gold accessories.  If I could wear these all day everyday, I would be one happy little lady.

If I’m buying ready made clothing, I am more shy with exciting styles and I buy a lot of black!!!  I have no excuse now that I sew, because black is seemingly the hardest colour to buy fabric online due to the inability to feel the fabric which is the only way I can differentiate one black over the other.  So, unconsciously, I have moved away from black and welcomed the colours with open arms.

What I wish I could have told myself a million times over is that no one is judging you for being you, and if they are, their opinion clearly shouldn’t matter.  I get told regularly now that I look “put together” which is a bit of a compliment considering half the time it’ll be whatever shirt I haven’t gotten around to putting back on it’s hanger!  (That’s true life folks!)

Do you find that your handmade items vary greatly from what you have purchased in the past?  Let me know in the comments!


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Nearly twenty, the owner of a blog about my love for expensive houses, fabric, hours spent at the sewing machine, acing the art of pinterest fails and overall being an all round goof. Follow me on my adventure through life in my craft.

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  1. I have this problem! All the garments I’ve sewn haven’t really been “me”. I know what I like wearing now so my goal this year is to actually track down or draft my own patterns for garments I’ll actually enjoy wearing. I’ve wasted so much time sewing projects that just dont suit me…



    • I so agree with you on the wasted time! I find it’s not so much the patterns fault sometimes, but more my inability to make a proper fabric choice because I want to use up things I have. Wishing you the best on finding your handmade style this year! 🙂



  2. I find that my hand made items are different from what I purchase because I started sewing to make the items that I wanted but couldn’t find, or afford in stores. And congrats on getting the “put together” compliment. I enjoy that one too because often there is a tornado of trying things on and I don”t always feel as put together as I may look. 😉



    • My version of that tornado happens in my head as I sit on the edge of my bed trying to get dressed! I agree, I can’t find things that are exactly me, but luckily my personal style is slightly in trend more during Autumn/Fall so even if I don’t purchase it, there’s a lot of inspiration 🙂

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  3. I can remember that happened a lot to me, back when I started sewing, that I liked an idea more then the finished garment 😉 luckily today I managed to get that down to a very few items per year… and I think I am still getting better. But I couldn’t become better if I haven’t made some things that helped me understand, that it just is not for me



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