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Commitment Issues: Overlockers.

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This month, I officially celebrate having a sewing machine for one and adopting my love of creating in another form for one year!!  A million thanks and endless appreciation goes out to my Mama who gave me a Brother NS15 last year on my 19th birthday, best present ever.

To aid my love for creation, I purchased a second-hand overlocker off Gumtree, and it turned out to be older than me – but a beast!  Bertha and I made a few pairs of Coachella shorts and destroyed some silk and thin poly fabrics before we decided that fate had struck and we had to part ways.  I sold my faithful on to another enthusiastic seamstress from the area, and with a very small amount of cash in hand from the sale, ordered a Janome 8002DX from the sewing shop in town.

I nicknamed this one the “Ya-know-me”, because how original can I get?  You have to say it in a Kanye West accent, complimenting the hand action which I think I picked up from a past like of being a wanna-be hoodlum.  Moving on….

Holy Lord, so much trouble with one machine.  I’ve complained before, but I would love to do a formal review, because Janome needs to check the quality of these things.  I paid $299 and have since paid $160 in trying to get the damn thing to work.

SO, since it’s currently being operated on again, the third time in two months, I’ve decided with another looming birthday (Hola 20’s, you scare me), M has requested that I decide on a new model and we go overlocker shopping together for my present.  He’s seen too many tears shed over the tempraMENTAL machine.

This weekend we’re off to Spotlight in the city, because the sewing shop in our town is closing, and hopefully we’ll haggle down to the price that I’ve seen the machine I want ($170 less than retail!).  And for those wanting a hint – it will be Brother machine, because I am continually impressed with how great my sewing machine is.

Wish me luck, beyond just purchasing it!  Good overlocker vibes are needed.



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Nearly twenty, the owner of a blog about my love for expensive houses, fabric, hours spent at the sewing machine, acing the art of pinterest fails and overall being an all round goof. Follow me on my adventure through life in my craft.

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