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No Online Shopping Month



Free February is an initiative which follows my attempts to not spend any money online, every damn month.  This coming month, I am going to accept the challenge and report back here to make sure I can curb the spending.  On top of just ‘online’ shopping which does cover the bulk of my spending, I will be cutting out any impulse purchases.  So if I see something I want, I will write it in a list on my phone and then re-visit it when I get home that night or at the end of the week in an effort to take the time to consider where my money is going.

I work a full time job, and get paid the same amount every week but the budgeting hasn’t been simple, so this is my big attempt to make everything I earn count.  M and I are in the process of saving for a house deposit, and the area we live is a rather expensive one (for being a country town).

So for this month, I’m going to break it down into three parts.

  1. No online spending for myself, this is a strict rule!!  No PDF purchases *weeps*, no fabric *sobbing*, no clothing sales which I decide I couldn’t make for less than I could buy.  Na-da!
  2. As mentioned previously, I will be keeping a “wants” journal in my phone, to curb unnecessary spending on things like a new makeup item or some shoes on sale.  If it comes to the end of the month and I am still desperately lacking that particular item, I will further consider why I need it and go from there – I will be sharing the random items I decide I want during the month also!
  3. Essentials – I will track where I need money during the week in that little ugly blue book and understand where I can make amendments at the end of the month.

Willing to join me?  It’s going to be a looooong month and my bank will probably call to see if I’m still alive.  Oh here goes!


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Nearly twenty, the owner of a blog about my love for expensive houses, fabric, hours spent at the sewing machine, acing the art of pinterest fails and overall being an all round goof. Follow me on my adventure through life in my craft.

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  1. I just spent the rest-money from my paypal account on a Pauline Alice Seda dress… But I love the idea! I have my eyes on some other patterns, but I will try and wait for March before I buy them – I don’t really have time for making them now anyway!



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