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Sewing Project Inspiration


I have noticed my camera roll filling up with a significant amount of inspiration images from all edges of the internet and I thought it would be worth sharing them all in one place along with how I might achieve them!

Photo 29-12-2015 1 15 01 pm

I think this particular one would be a perfect Hey June Aurora view A with a lace band and a lace over stripe pocket!  Super cute and so simple.

These two are looking like an easy hack to the Hey June Lane Raglan – just section the sleeve into two parts and add on the cuff like normal!  The lace appears to be sectioned into two with a lace and grey just sewn together to make it assemble as one layer.

Photo 29-12-2015 1 27 58 pm

I have a feeling that the True Bias Hudsons (which I don’t yet own somehow) would be a super easy hack, just add seam allowance to both the section you’re adding and what you’re attaching it to!  How adorably effective!

Photo 29-12-2015 1 24 39 pm

I believe this one would require more hacking as I don’t know of a pattern with a triangle hem but it would be an easy hack if you know where you wanted the hemming to start and end.  Then there is a piece of flannel on one side of the hem and I’m guessing the back too.  The yoke would be an easy hack also especially if you have a drapey top pattern to base it off.

Photo 27-12-2015 8 45 15 pm

I have heard that this is achievable from a Laundry Day Tee which is a free pattern (if you join the facebook group)!  I believe attaching a lace section to the hem of the shirt would work well instead of having a second net mesh layer.  Also a Patterns 4 Pirates Freespirit tank with long sleeves would get this nice hemline as well.

Photo 29-12-2015 12 23 16 pm

This one truly has such a Hey June Halifax Hoodie shape to it with what could be a thifted flannel shirt.  If you did thrift it, yay! Wouldn’t have to make those button holes!

Photo 29-12-2015 12 27 46 pm

This is honestly a relatively simple one.  Adding elbow patches to a Swoon Scarf Neck Cardigan, another free pattern!  I’m not a super huge fan of sequins due to many childhood years spent dancing, but I could imagine a nice lacey elbow patch!

Photo 29-12-2015 12 32 24 pm

I just adore this one so much, I would definitely make a faux butter suede patch pocket like this, maybe with a little bit better lining up!  I’ll have a think about what pattern this could be, or you could suggest one and we both help each other!

Do you think you will be attempting any of these?


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  1. I love ALL of these… and I think the patterns you have in mind will totally work. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.



    • I’m so excited to get started! I finally have been reunited with my overlocker and patterns will be getting attached this weekend 🙂



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