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New Years Sewing Resolutions


new-years-eve-decor-640x430.jpg2016 has brought a new light in my life, I’m attempting to be nicer, read more, take more photos, greet people with a sunnier outlook and carrying over from 2015 – climb a damn mountain!  2016 also means my second year of sewing is finally rounding the corner at my 20th birthday in February.  M and I are really excited to finally travel overseas, and to tackle some more firsts.

Skills I would like to master:

Button holes – o’ lord, how I’ve avoided these things like the bloody plague!
Plaquets – I do really like the look, but the precision involved has me cowering.
Twin needles – might be the easiest on this list, or I could be jinxing myself by saying that.
Hemming knits – Oh what’s that dragging on the floor?  Just everything I made out of a knitted fabric.



Patterns For Pirates Summer Kimono
Pattern Emporium Overlocker/Serger/Thermomix Cover
Hey June Lane Raglan
Patterns For Pirates Boundless Dress
A tonne of Seamwork Mag Patterns


Terra’s Treasures Lisse Cowl Hoodie – finished!
Hey June Halifax Hoodie
Hey June Union St Tee
Hey June Aurora Dolman
Love Notions Boyfriend Cardigan
Patterns For Pirates Carefree Cardigan
Mouse House Creations Julia Cardigan
Pattern Emporium Harem Pants
Pattern Emporium Kaftan Dress
Greenstyle Brassie Joggers


Hey June Cheyenne Tunic
Christine Hayes Emery Dress
Colette Wren Dress
Mouse House Creations Caroline Dress

Ridiculously Adventurous:

Papercut Patterns Clover Dress
Grainline Morris Blazer (in a silk twill coating)

As I tackle these projects, I will edit the post to link where I have recorded the makes.  I wish everyone a super successful 2016 and a year full of happiness and personal goals being kicked!


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Nearly twenty, the owner of a blog about my love for expensive houses, fabric, hours spent at the sewing machine, acing the art of pinterest fails and overall being an all round goof. Follow me on my adventure through life in my craft.

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  1. I’d definitely encourage you to have a go at buttonholes; they’re really easy! I’m a sort of beginner and sat down the other day to battle with them, and it took me about 5 minutes. I have a dial on my machine (Janome J1012) for each step of the hole, so you just zig zag around a line you’ve drawn, then cut it afterwards. Twin needles on the other hand… Let’s just say the less said about that attempt, the better!



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