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Finished: Terra’s Treasures Lisse Cowl



Finally finished, and I say this with such an exhausted sigh because who knew my brand new overlocker would hate ribbing as much as it does.  At midnight when I was just beginning to lose the late night sew-jo, clunk.  There goes the thread.  Okay, thread her up, clunk.  Repeat about 5 times.  Turn machine off, go to bed.


The finished product is what I’m most excited about, having never sewed ponte before, never worn a cowl (I live in the tropics, it’s unheard of), and never had so much trouble with my machine, it’s been a world of first in this project!


The cowl is super cute, due to the lining having a different range of colours than the outside, it can quickly look different, breaking up the slightly crazy orchids a bit.  The eyelets make me squeal with school girl delight for being able to do up the cowl by yanking on the string like I would do the toogle on my wide brimmed hat right on the bottom of my chin.  The tulip hem has seriously got me doing a little cartwheels around the room, how awesome is it!


With all the trouble I had with ribbing and my machine, I opted for an organic cotton lycra on the cuffs.  I even reached the point where M had to thread it for me because I was too upset with not being able to get it to work.

Has anyone else had trouble with ribbing?  Would you be ready to make a Lisse?


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  1. This is divine!!! I have this pattern in my queue and your version makes me love it even more. Good call on the c/l cuffs- it looks great!



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