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Uncompleted Objects Challenge Round Up

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Today I bring you the small success of my self-challenge to finish some of the projects which have been haunting my sewing table for a while.  As much as I would like to say that I got everything done that I had planned, that would not be quite so accurate.

I had plans to make a replica of a maxi skirt I bought from Target and have absolutely worn to death, but I decided on a yoga waistband rather than a casing.  The result is seriously some secret pajamas.  I bought this fabric from Perelanda pre-orders who brought it back from Singapore.  It’s got some serious stretchy comfy goodness going on.  (Picture will be added later in a more descriptive post).

I finished another pair of Coachella shorts from Striped Swallow with the notable difference of loving these ones because I sewed through the elastic and now it doesn’t twist and turn in the casing.  They’re made of a super silky cotton poly blend and I love them.

What I did not finish:

1 x shirt where I had stitched the bias trim around the arms and neckline down really well, on the wrong side of the fabric.  That project will take a lot of alcohol to ever complete.

1 x skirt which had the worst fabric to work with.  My eyes twitch even thinking about this fabric and how horrible it was.  I did, however make some Lucy shorts (Made for Mermaids) from the same fabric (and they’ve fallen apart).  Boo.

Here’s a photo gallery of the challenge round up:

Have you finished any projects recently?  Feel free to link me/show me!


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