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10 Things I Cannot Sew Without

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When I started sewing, it was a sorry story of borrowed pins and tape measures for the first few months.  Now that I sew quite readily, I feel comfortable in giving you a list of things I could definitely not be without again!

  1. First off, my sewing machine.  This is quite an obvious one but needs to be addressed!  I have a Brother NS15 which is a computerised model, and the mid range model of the NS range (as far as I know).  I love it and there’s way more stitches than I feel comfortable using but knowing that they’re there is a joy!
  2. Another obvious one, but my scissors are a joy to use!  I have the Kai 21cm Seamstress scissors which seriously are a match made in heaven with my hands.  They are so effortlessly sharp that every fabric I cut makes me worry that it is too weak, but it turns out that these scissors could just take down a tree.  They were a splurge, but one I saw fit.
  3. I have little thread snips from the same Kai range.  These are the needlework snips.  Honestly, from threading my machine to taking care of loose threads and even unpicking – these little guys are with me through it all!
  4. Bobbin Saver, more like life saver.  This purple rubbery ring of sewing goodness has managed to keep my little bobbins in line.  You seriously just pop your bobbin in there and never worry about it unraveling again.
  5. Magnetic seam gauge.  It tells me where to put the needle in and keep it in a beautiful straight line, which is ever helpful when you’re watching TV shows at the same time as sewing.
  6. High quality thread (and a place to store it!).  Guterman is a good buddy of mine, he’s held everything I’ve ever made together and I’m pretty damn chuffed about how colourful he can be.  The thread box is a cheap eBay score which I found to be quite handy, but not necessarily what I will use for a long time.
  7. (Craploads) of Sewing Machine Needles!  If you’re new to sewing then changing needles might not have occurred to you yet.  I didn’t realise until I was past the point of no return on a habotai – why anyone let me sew that so early on is beyond me!
  8. Fabric markers are a total must.  You don’t really need to ask why but I will tell you not to ever iron a water soluble one!
  9. Hem gauge, this also has a button thingo in it too but I’ve never used anything but sheer luck.  Great for being a perfectionist who isn’t into the high low who knows trend.
  10. Seamfix seam ripper, this is so not just any seam ripper, it has a little rubbery helmet to tell you to not take yourself so seriously.  I’m kidding, but it’s pretty good!

Hope this helped your sewing kit, and if you’ve already got all this (and more), how good is it to be able to spend all of your money on fabric alone?


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