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Unfinished Object Challenge

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This is what dreams are made of, courtesy of Houzz.

Challenges have always been exciting for someone so competitive.  You name it and I’ll have a go, unless I actively know I can’t win.  I know, I’m that person.  Overtaking me in the fast lane – I think not.  So with a massive nod to how competitive I am, I have set myself a challenge for this weekend.  Ready for it?

I will be attempting to finish all unfinished sewing projects.
I wouldn’t blame you for being dubious, but what you don’t know is I hate moving onto something until I am completely finished and pleased with the result of something.  So it really is a kind of ‘chicken soup for my soul’ to finish all of these nondescript pieces of fabric and fashion them into something that can finally go into rotation.
An organisation dream, by Caitlin Wilson via Houzz.

Without looking at my pile (once again I’m typing a post from the solace of my work desk, during work hours), an estimated unfinished project number would be around the four shirts, two skirts, two pairs of shorts.  So in other words, I have set myself quite a task considering I maybe churn out one garment every two weeks.

On top of this, I have to tidy my sewing area enough to even be able to see my machine.  That’s all from me today!  Here’s hoping I’ll see you 6pm Sunday afternoon, wine in hand with a winning smile.
Would you be willing to take a part in my challenge?  How many projects are you procrastinating finishing at the moment?

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