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Sunday Crafternoon


Since we’re in the first week of my new blog, I thought I would do a look back on some projects that I have been especially proud of.  I began sewing this year, so there has been a lot of learning curves, none more than sometimes you just need to take your time.  This seriously blew my mind.  I began sewing because I simply wanted a skill that would make me more self sufficient.  I’m a bit of an introvert who doesn’t really like relying on others to get places, so sewing has been a huge step in my young adult life.

Striped Swallow Coachella shorts in a quilting weight fabric and black lace.

Taking classes was a hilarious introduction into “no sorry, you’re doing it wrong, rip all that out and start again.”  I was stumped so many times in my two hour allotment each week.  How could something that I would assume to be so creative have to be done a certain way?  I decided in the first week that if my seams didn’t line up, I would call it couture and say it’s meant to look like that.

First ever PDF pattern! Workroom Social Tate top in a viscose from my local sewing shop.

First ever PDF pattern! Workroom Social Tate top in a viscose from my local sewing shop.

About three months passed, and many seams ripped and redone, I finally understood why we had to start on one side of the fabric, and my pins were still being quickly changed direction because the instructor would notice that I nearly sewed over the top of it.

Now I’m about 10 months into the hobby and I know that this will stick with me for life.  I have boxes hidden in boxes under my clothes in my closet full of fabric with notes pinned, ideas drawn.  No, sewing is not going anywhere in my life.

What has been your most proud of project?


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Nearly twenty, the owner of a blog about my love for expensive houses, fabric, hours spent at the sewing machine, acing the art of pinterest fails and overall being an all round goof. Follow me on my adventure through life in my craft.

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  1. Those shorts are cute! I started sewing in September after being given a sewing machine for Christmas 7 (!) years ago. I’m glad I started with lessons because I’m notorious for trying to go too advanced too quickly and wouldn’t have learned the right technique because I’m lazy. I still have to resort to YouTube quite a lot for new skills but I’m pleased with what I’ve managed so far. I have a blog which is doesn’t have much on so far, but I have a lot of things planned.



    • I so agree with you, if I had my way I would have sewn a complex dress pattern first and not a pillow! (umm… I think) Cant wait to see your makes! 🙂



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