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First Floor Plan Friday

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So my actual job does consist a little of staring at floor plans and envisioning what will work in what space, so it could be fair to say looking at floor plans and imagining drawing my own has been a favourite past time of mine.  I seek certain things in plans, and yet I have never found a way to put all these particular elements into one house plan and call it a day and hand it to a friendly builder.  As much as I would love this to be a reality, it just simply would be a process of years and ideas, and although I do have the skill set to draw my own floor plan and completely plan my house from the ground up, if I’m being dead honest, I think I would like to give someone all of the elements that I love about house plans which have picked my fancy and let their brains work it out for me.  Sounds easy, but you generally have to pay people to do that for you!

So today I present to you a house plan, one which seems simple in room layout, but imagine walking through the front door to be met with a glistening outdoor area – a hugely important factor in Australian living.  This particular house plan has many elements that I like, but none more than the rear bedroom which I believe would be an essential part to my dream house.  I like that the linen is built in near the bedrooms, great for accessing sheets and extra fluffy towels.  Also the kitchen layout is pretty much my ideal layout of a kitchen.
The house itself has quite a striking footprint which makes me wonder if this builder/designer just wanted a massive bricklaying bill, I would totally simplify the footprint, making it a lot more streamlined and heaps cheaper to build.  The laundry was ideally be adjoining the garage to become a mudroom “dump the boots” area, and the master bedroom would have the walk in robe adjoining the bathroom with a bit more finesse.  As for pretty much else, I like the house and the layout but it’s something that would surely be fitted with a style that would make it much more than a drawing of some walls.
So that’s it for this week!  Come back next Friday for a different floor plan, you might just find something that is perfect for you!
This houseplan was found here, I am not the owner of this image however much I would like to be the owner of this house.

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